The new platform for green operators

Oxyden is the all-in-one b2b online platform for the sale and purchase of plants.
It is aimed at all types of green operators who find a point of reference that guarantees quality, professionalism and convenience.
In fact, Oxyden serves a community of growers and green buyers and is the easiest and fastest way to buy and sell plants online.

A professional service for green operators

Oxyden supports those who make greenery their mission

Do you want to sell?

Do you want to sell?

Register, access your reserved area, enter the information of the plants you want to sell and reach thousands of buyers.
Oxyden will sell for you and take care of the transport, guaranteeing you payment for the goods before they leave your nursery.

Do you want to buy?

Do you want to buy?

Search for the products that interest you, obtain complete estimates quickly and respond effectively and promptly to your customers.
Prices are very competitive and transport costs are always clearly indicated.

You may not be responsible for the situation you are in, but you will be if you do nothing to change it.

Martin Luther King

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OXYDEN is the right tool for all operators in the sector: grower, landscaper, architect, nurseryman, garden center, gardener, ...
Sign up and try the platform, it's simple and free for everyone.


Free membership

Enter your references for free and you will gain access by registering with a few simple steps. Once you have entered the items and their respective details you will be ready to sell in OXYDEN.

Restricted areas

Restricted Areas

Each company has a personal and confidential environment from which to carry out the desired operations and monitor the status of the orders.

Wide choice and clear prices

Wide choice and clear prices

Choose the products that interest you, the quantity and size of the plant.
Prices are always clear, immediate and transparent.

Data safe

Secure data

Your privacy is our priority. The data will remain safe in our corporate systems ensuring full compliance with regulations.


For any need or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us: our staff is at your disposal.

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