We give value and sustainability to the horticultural sector

OXYDEN represents an opportunity to create a fairer and more sustainable horticultural market, where green operators can work together to protect the environment and ensure a green future for future generations.
Sellers are protected on payments that take place quickly and punctually, without waiting for the long times to which this sector is now accustomed.
Furthermore, by choosing which plants to sell on the OXYDEN platform, the producer has the advantage of being able to decide what to grow, increasing the possibility of selling.
There are also many advantages for the buyer: having a wide choice of plants to lay, a shop available 24/7, interaction with passionate operators, the possibility of avoiding the costs of storing the goods, are aspects that facilitate the gardeners, landscapers, agronomists and all the professional figures that revolve around the green world.


All your questions answered

  • Who can use the OXYDEN platform?

    All operators in the sector! Nurseries, gardeners, maintainers, agronomists, green architects, landscapers. For now Oxyden is aimed only at companies and not at individuals.
  • How much does the OXYDEN platform cost?

    Registration on the platform is completely free, both for nurserymen and buyers.
  • Can I see which plants are there and how much they cost?

    Certain! Register as a buyer and browse through the available products or search for what interests you. Prices are always visible. You will also be able to control and optimize transport costs based on the quantity of goods you wish to purchase.
  • Can I register as both a nurseryman and a buyer?

    Yes, you can have two profiles, if you want to sell but also buy.
  • I'm not very experienced in loading data on the platform, can you help me?

    Certain! Call us on +39 327 872 0909, we are happy to be able to give you support or offer you a dedicated service.
  • Can nurserymen sell directly?

    Through this platform, nurserymen will have relationships only with Oxyden which will guarantee wide visibility and immediate payments. Outside of this tool, it is obviously possible to sell directly to one's own customers.
  • Can I trust the quality of the plants?

    Oxyden checks the goods before transporting them and uses a plant passport, a document that identifies the plant or batch of plants subject to certification and certifies their healthiness according to European regulations.
  • In which regions is the service active?

    Oxyden operates throughout Italy, including the islands.
    We will soon extend our services outside Italy as well.

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OXYDEN is the right tool for all operators in the sector: grower, landscaper, architect, nurseryman, garden center, gardener, ...
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